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Sunday, June 7, 2009


OK. Since i am not able to update more often as i would like to i got a twitter. This allows me to give you twilight news more frequently. so just click on the twitter logo on the side bar of my page and you will be able to see my updates during the week rather then having to wait until the weekend. This is also good b/c when i dint update during the week day just click on my twitter and all of the news will be right there! This works out for me because during the week i have been losing my popularity :( but its all good.So just follow me!

You see that i have change the banner i did that b/c i thought the site needed a change. And if you guys have any suggestions about what you would like to be added to the site ill try and do that. I have also added Art Work of The Week to show off people's creativity. If you have any good pics that you would like to send me id love to post them up send them to I really would love some feedback from you guys so plz write in the TwiGossip Chat Room, Blog Post Comments, or email me. Plz be honest too i don't care if you write its stinks just let me know lol Thanks

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