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Friday, June 19, 2009

OMG Stop The Rumors Already

EOnline has a new article about Kristen's relationship w/ Michael:

As if Robert Pattinson getting hit and attacked this week weren't enough, now we have Robsten haters attacking them—with suspicious pics conveniently added for that extra-special, fake drama touch. Yes, yes, we've seen the shot of Michael Angarano supposedly leaving Kristen Stewart's house after hanging out together. And we're not making any big fuss over it for multiple reasons. For one, timing's a little shaky. The pic was taken yesterday, and we have footage of Kristen arriving at Joan Jett's hotel at 12 and staying until 6.

To read the rest check it out here.Ok I love Kristen and Michael together. I mean I'd love if her and Rob got together but her and Michael have know each other forever. Don't you guys remember Speak Michael was in that. They looked cute together when they were in that even as kids, and they've been together since. I highly doubt that they would just break up after a life long of friendship and Dating. But you never know i just wish people would leave them alone.

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