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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

True Love or True Blood: Bella Swan Vs. Sookie Stackhouse compares True Blood's Sookie against Twilight's Bella.

The defining moment in the relationship between Sookie and vampire Bill comes right after Sookie meets her first vampire. Bill walks into her Louisiana diner, and exits with a couple that subdues him in the parking lot with silver chains while they try to drain him. Sookie comes to Bill's rescue. For Bella, an out-of-control van in the school parking lot almost turns her into a pancake, until vampire Edward flies to her side and stops the van with his bare hand. Superman has arrived to save the damsel in distress.
Sookie: 1
Bella: 0

Bella's a top student who matches Edward in intelligence. He may have matriculated many times in the past century, but she's more than able to keep up with him on an academic level. Sookie, however, has more down-home common sense than book learnin'. So we'll have to give it up for Bella.
Sookie: 1
Bella: 1 "

Idk about this guys i don't agrees with a lot of things in this article but you gotta see for yourself. Read the full article here. See who the winner is.

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