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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Moon Scenes That Almost Wern't Gonna Happen

New New Moon article from MTV'S Larry Carroll. It talks about some key New Moon scenes that almost didn't happen.

The immensely popular "New Moon" trailer gives us a peek at Lautner's athleticism. It also gives us our first look at the infamous birthday scene — a moment that actor Jackson Rathbone had been eager to shoot ever since he landed the role of anguished vampire Jasper Hale.

"He unleashed the madness; it was crazy," Peter Facinelli remembered of the day when Rathbone finally got to display his inner animal and attack Kristen Stewart's Bella. "It took me and Kellan — non-acting — to hold him back."

Elizabeth Reaser also got knocked over during the violent take. "Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone, kinda loses it when Bella cuts herself," Kellan Lutz recalled. "It's fun to work with your friends and see a side of them that you really don't expect. That's where the acting comes into play. Jackson did an amazing job portraying that scene, and it was fun being my character to try and stop him."

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