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Monday, June 15, 2009

Dakota To Kiss Kristen

Here an article that talks about how Dakota and Kristen have to kiss in thier new movie.

Pardon my barfs, but is Hollywood really expecting people to pay to watch 19-year-old Kristen Stewart makeout with 15-year-old Dakota Fanning in Joan Jett biopic The Runaways? I'm still more comfortable with Dakota when she's taking magical adventures with a cat.

But Life & Style reports that there's a makeout scene between Kristen's Joan and Dakota's Cherie Currie in the film, which is currently in rehearsals in Hollywood. This is still the same universe where people threw a fit over Miley Cyrus showing some shoulder, right? I didn't teleport over the weekend, did I?

All i have to say is Wow.

Check out the article here


  1. I agree....thats not right and gross. Shes 15....but yet at the same time, these girls knew their script. I just dont get it tho...

  2. yea but kristen and Dakota are very mature for thier age they were brought up in hollywood and leared to grow up fast. but idk its gonna b REALLY awakward watching the movie lol

  3. KimberlyRukkusTill AMJune 15, 2009 at 1:24 PM

    i agree with rachel they knew the script when they signed its goin to be a mature film im sure, its about rock stars and u no what comes with rockstars, sex, partying and most of the time drugs... the only way that i think this could get inappropiate is if its a long and kinda dirty makeout, if they just kiss (which they both have done in previous movies multiple times) then its no biggie!

  4. I'm not going to believe this until I see it. Life & Style makes up crap all the time. In the same article, they said that Kristen dumped her boyfriend for Rob and used a quote from an Emma Watson interview as "proof", which has already been proven to be fabricated--Emma never gave the interview (it first appeared in a Russian magazine). Kristen said back in March or April that she would "cinematically de-flower Dakota Fanning", but I suspect that Kristen meant something intellectual by that. We'll see.

  5. wow thats just nasty!
    i can't believe this.....
    plus alot of girls look
    up to these two girls
    whats going to happen
    if they see the movie
    or hear about this?!

  6. there's nothing wrong with it i mean joan and cherie were like 16 when this happened and they're 15 and 19 not much difference.
    i think there's a little homophobia when people say that they're too young, and it's stupid cause young girls know when they like girls and when they like boys, it's not like they're little kids.
    i can't wait to watch this movie!

  7. Kristen seems very excited about being able to deflower Dakota!

  8. I think that they read the script and knew it was going to hapen, so why is everyone making such a big deal? I do agree with what people ae saying, but mady we sould waite 4 the movie to come out.

  9. not a big deal really. they know what they're doing, most of this is homophobia...



  11. it does seem a little weird but thats how it is in the movie making biz. and besides they r just acting its not as if they r truly havin a relationship, seems pretty harmless 2 me. loads of actors hav to act out gay relationships on screen. RPatz for example played a gay artist in his movie little ashes, and had 2 perform several gay intimacy scenes, but it was no big deal.