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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Edward and Bella Diary

So, we may have 'Midnight Sun' to get in Edward Cullen's head, but yet we already know the 'Twilight' story. And we also may have the classic 'Twilight' Saga mainly through Bella's thoughts, but wouldn't it be nice to know what happened after 'Breaking Dawn' through both Bella and Edward's head? Well, Bella's Diary, one of my personal favorite 'fan fiction' sites, is a perfect place to get that! It may not be offical--as in by Stephenie Meyer--but I very much enjoy it.
-Princess Twilight


  1. da vid is so funny!!!hahahahahahahahahahaha bt n0t funny like to make fun of bt funny in a good way CANT WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. New Moon is such a good movie and in a way you can get a lot from it,CANT WAIT FOR ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i cant what for midnight sun to come out

  4. Midnight Sun has been but on hold, indefinitely! :(