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Sunday, August 30, 2009

First New Moon Tickets

ZOMG!!! Yesterday, I got this e-mail :

Yup, that's right. You can now purchase New Moon tickets in Australia.
The thing is, you must be an member of the "exclusive" cinebuzz club" to have gotten the e-mail. However the good news is, you can still purchase the tickets!!!

So did I buy the tickets? Hale yeah.

{I have censored my personal information}
This is the first New Moon ticket I have ever seen.
{hoping that I have the first one!}

It is a midnight showing-the earliest time legal that we are allowed to watch it- and here is an amazing fact-
I will be watching the New Moon Movie 40 hours before Americans can. And you know why? Aussie's get it on the 19th of Novemeber (American's get it on the 20th, so that's 24 hours, plus a 16 hour time difference = 40 HOURS BETWEEN BE AND YOU WATCHING NEW MOON!

For those of you who want to buy tickets- if you live in Australia that is- soz, Americans, etc!
You can buy your tickets here.

Feel free to repost this information on your blog-just make sure you link


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