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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catalina Sandino Moreno is Maria

Catalina Sandino Moreno has been cast as Maria in "Eclipse". Maria is the vampire that turned Jasper from human to vampire. She was also the vampire to make Jasper head of her newborn army. Read more about her character...
Official Character description:

Full Name: Maria

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth:

Originally From: Mexico (EC13)

Hair Color: Between brown and black (EC13)

Eye Color: Burgundy


Physical Description: "the little black-haired girl, whose features were clearly Mexican, was porcelain in the moonlight… [she] seemed young… still young enough to be called [a] girl.


Family Members: Nettie (deceased), Lucy (deceased)

Nick Names:


Personal History: Maria found Jasper in Texas after he’d helped evacuate a city. She saw something special in him–she called him "compelling"–and changed him instead of letting the others kill him. She trained him to kill other vampires and eventually put him in charge of her army.

Jasper helped her win many battles, including the one against the traitorous Nettie and Lucy, and she rewarded him well. After a few decades, though, Jasper became depressed and Maria contemplated killing him. It was at this point that Jasper disappeared with Peter (EC13).


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  1. Wow. She is almost exactly the way I pictured her. She is gorgeous, and definitely looks perfect for the part!