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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Very Important Please Read

OK so High School for me starts in about 2 weeks. So some of you know what that means. I am only gonna be able to up date on the weekends. So for the next two weeks I'm going to be looking for some people who could help out and update during the week for me. This blog is very important to me and i really don't want it to be forgotten just because I'm not updating during the week. So if you have any suggestions of people who could help out please tell me. An if you would like to help leave your email address as a comment. And if you are already a contributor to my blog i would love it if in about 1 week you could start updating. This is bittersweet because i love blogging but I'm really excited for school also. I'm starting school this year as a junior just like Bella maybe i'll meet my Edward this year *Crosses finger*. Well just plz get in contact with me if you would like to help. Email me at


  1. Hey TwiGossip..if you want we can link your viewers to my page when you aren't able to update and you can do the same for me =) Its up to you though. I am able to post from early in the morning to throughout the afternoon but at night and on weekends, I am not able to update :( unless I schedule posts to show during off hours. Let me know =)

  2. Yes =) just post a comment telling your readers that if they come on your site and havent seen any new updates since the last time they checked out your blog, then to reference and go to my site for the latest updates and I will do the same for you. I will direct my viewers to check out your page when I can not update =)

  3. We can help but not all the time we can support whit some news if you want i hope that everything go excelent.
    We support you the CrepúsculoFanPerú Club is your friend =D


  4. i would love to help but i have exactly the same problem sweety!i have no idea what i'll do with my blog!

  5. It seems we're all in the same situation. I'll try to work in as much blogging as I can while getting coursework done.