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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marcus Foster: Interview and Photo Shoot

Cause=Time sat down with Marcus Foster in early August to talk music. Photographer Todd Roeth joined with them and we have this fantastic shoot of Marcus

C=T & photographer extraordinaire Todd Roeth have teamed up again for another addition of Quick Hits. This week, we have caught up with UK singer-songwriter, . The solo artist is touring behind a a live album and EP. Not to mention appearing on two different soundtracks and having a heartthrob for a bff (my wife thinks he’s pretty dreamy). Needless to say, the guy is very busy and most earnest singer songwriter touring the circuit.

C=T : How’s the tour going so far? Did you visit In and Out or Amoeba whilst in Los Angeles?

MF: The tour seems to be going well, people are enjoying the shows, its amazing traveling around and a great way seeing America. I didn’t get the chance to visit In and Out burger although someone gave me a voucher for it but i did get to go to Amoeba which was insane I spent hundreds of dollars in there buying old blues and gospel records from the fifties I could live in that place.

C=T : Best Bob Dylan album to listen to on vinyl?

MF: I haven’t got them all on vinyl just yet but listening to ‘Boots of Spanish Leather’ or ‘One too many Mornings’ off the ‘Times they are a changing’ album is pretty special.

C=T : Your music has been selected on two different occasions to appear in cinema. How do you decide if you want your work to appear in said works?

MF: One of the films had Christopher Walken in it and I’m a big fan of his so I couldn’t say no and it’s a great movie called ‘Five Dollars A Day’. The other film was different because a friend of mine sung the song that I wrote and I didn’t know he recorded it but when I found out I thought why not.I would like to do some more music for film, I like the idea of doing something like Neil Young in that film ‘Dead Man’ where he just watched the film and played his guitar. I also write a lot of instrumental stuff on the piano.

C=T : Who would smoke more cigarettes in one night, Nick Cave or Tom Waits?

MF: In his time of smoking, Tom Waits.

C=T : What are your current recording plans for the rest of the year?

MF: When I get back to London I’m going to put together a band and record some live stuff and maybe cut an album if i find the right musicians or maybe put out a single on itunes I’m not sure. I also plan on returning back to America to do another tour in December if i can work it out.

C=T : Does the English team stand a chance in next year’s World Cup?

MF: There’s nothing like a room full of people filled with false hope.

You can check out Marcus's music by clicking here! (and you REALLY need too!)


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