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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eclipse Facebook Contest

It is finally June, Twihards! And as it is, we all must bask in our TwiGlory while we can until those gruling months pass until Breaking Dawn filming get's on the road! I, like many other TwiBloggers, are opening up an Eclipse contest to all the other TwiHards out there! Mine is a little different from the rest, dealing with TWO aspects us, TwiHards, love so much. Facebook and Twilight!

The concept to this month's contest over at my blog (Black Nailed Reviews) is to make a Facebook page over one of the Twilight characters in Eclipse. You can be as creative as you want with your character! The contest is first come, first served. For example, if you want to be Bella and someone has already made one and became friends with my blog's page or the Facebook Group, they're Bella. Below I've listed all the characters I'm able to come up with in Eclipse. If there is a character you want to do that I haven't listed, just tell me and I'll put it down and link you to your character's page. Here are a few other things to know as well:

What you have to do:
-Make a Facebook page of any of the Twilight characters below
-Be creative as you want to be with your page
-Become friends with other contests' characters (but the one's your character would be friends with)
-You are allowed to make up to TWO Facebook pages
-Join the Facebook Group for the Contest (link is in the sidebar)
-Update your Facebook and socialize with your friends
-Check up on updates either on the contest page or my blog
-The more creative you are increases your chances of winning

-Think like your character as much as possible. (For example: If someone is Edward say you are in a relationship with Edward Cullen if you're Bella...or since it is over the Eclipse book, you can say It's Complicated.)
-Join the contest page
-Become friends and socialize
-Update your page
-Be nice...but not too nice to people you "hate" or "dislike" in Eclipse
-Check back on June 25th to see if you win!

You may be wondering what the prizes are...well, I didn't forget! To doing all this, the winner will recieve a free Eclipse movie poster and shirt (of their choice) at Hot Topic! I will ship them out the same day as I announce the winner. (That way they have something to have and wear for the Eclipse midnight premiere! So, please submit your Facebook pages! All you have to do is become friends with my blog's Facebook page or join the Facebook Group, Eclipse Facebook Contest that has a picture of the Cullens' Eclipse Poster! The contest lasts through June 1st to June 25th!

Eclipse Characters:
*available characters
Bella Swan*
Edward Cullen*
Jacob Black*
Alice Cullen*
Carlisle Cullen*
Esme Cullen*
Rosalie Hale*
Emmett Cullen*
Jasper Hale*
Sam Uley*
Quil Atera*
Embry Call*
Leah Clearwater*
Seth Clearwater*
Charlie Swan*
Renee Dwyer*
Billy Black*
Mike Newton*
Jessica Stanley*
Angela Weber*
Eric Yorkie*
Emily Young*

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