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Saturday, October 31, 2009

TwiGurl Needs A Co-Blogger!

Hey, TwiDudes and TwiDudettes! You may have noticed that us over at Two TwiGurls didn't post anything for Friday. Well, that's because my co-blogger vanished! I've emailed her and sent her constant reminders that this is TWO TwiGurls, not ONE TwiGurl.
I am TwiGurl and I was the one who blogged on A TwiGurl Blog (don't bother going on it because this is my new blog). I made this whole blog because another TwiGurl I met on Twilight Connection (who will not be named) agreed to do this blog with me. Now I'm alone...and on a search to find a NEW co-blogger who will help me blog daily!

All you have to do is fill out the questions and send it to me and I'll pick the best one!

1. Name
2. Are you a TwiGurl or TwiDude
3. What you love most about Twilight
4. How did you come along looking at TwiBlogs
5. Why do you want to blog
6. And, give me a brief article (can be however long you want)
7. Tell me why YOU should be the second TwiGurl or TwiDude (I will change the blog title if your a guy!)

Email me at!
Visit Two Twigurls for further updates on the "Search" and other TwiNews
**Sorry for posting this on TwiGossip, but I really need this done. As you can see by TwiGossip and other TwiBlogs, more bloggers is better**
Thanks in advance to the lead TwiGossip Gurl for letting me put info about my personal blog!
Thank you SO much!

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