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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MTV Awards Seat Fillers

MTV has a new video and article about the seat fillers at the awards. And those seat fillers are Bailey “NoMoreMarbles” Gauthier, and the Evil Iguana Team Craig Deering, Joe Korbel, and Tom Latvys.

I am really excited for them to be there. An EIP member who has been getting alot of attention lately has been Craig Deering. I've been a long time fan of EIP, and I'm happy for their rise to stardom. Craig has been a twilight fan favorite for a long time now since EIP's Twilight Spoof in which he played James.

And he even has enough support of the fans that they are now rooting for him to star as Riley in The Twilight Saga's Eclipse. Good things really are coming his was and from now i only think things can get better! Eip will also be doing a spoof this summer for Twicon. And i cant wait! Make sure you check out their videos on youtube.

Check out the article here

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  1. well craig would clearly be the best choice for Riley. He's extremely talented and deserves it!!!!